Up grade

I am currently working as a 1600T mate upon oceans, my sea time was unlimited tonnage and my assessments were for 3rd mate, my office talked me into just testing for 1600, but my real question is I know I do not have to test for my 1600 masters test, but I heard that with my sea time I can up grade and get my 3rd as well as my masters with out taking any test, now do I need to test and what classes will I need in the next year for my up grade, all help will be greatly appreciated.

I was in your position years back. No exams needed to upgrade to 3rd though you will have to test for your masters. They don’t give those bad boys away.

You have some bogus info. You have to test to go to master, but no tests to go to 3rd if you tested in the last decade or so.

If you can wait on that Master 1600…I’d work the 3rd unlimited until you have the time to get your 2nd (also no additional testing). Once you have your 2nd there is a crossover test for Master 1600. It’s not a bad route to go but only if you don’t need the Master 1600 “right now”.