Unlimited Engineers license to OSV or MODU

If you hold an unlimited First Assistant motors license, does that qualify for Chief OSV or MODU licensing? Or do you need to get that endorsement as well?

You need Chief (Ltd) for the Chief OSV and Chief Unlimited for Chief MODU. An assistant license (no matter how high) is only good to be an assistant, never Chief (no matter how low).

I worded the question wrong. Does an unlimited license cross over to OSV or MODU? so 1AE unlimited would qualify 1ae modu. In other words does a person need a separate endorsement for OSV or MODU for the same rank?

My understanding is that an unlimited license is good on an OSV without further endorsement. Without the Chief OSV or Chief Ltd you would be restricted to Asst. though.

It is a direct cross over to MODU … Any unlimited license is good for the same grade on an MODU.

46 CFR Ch. 15 Supbart H

Correct… If it doesn’t say chief limited, chief osv or chief u/l you are still a first asst. They should give you the chief limited or osv upon request without any testing.