License question

I hold a 1st A/E unlimited currently on a government ship. I am thinking of going back to the gulf. Can I get seatime serving as a assistant engineer on a OSV that will allow me to get my Chief unlimited?

You will need at least 180 days as first engineer. You will need to find an OSV that carry a first. Then I think you can get 2 for 1 sailing as second or third

You can sail as an assistant on any vessel, as long as your license is valid for motor, or whatever the mode of the vessel is.

It dosn’t necessarily;y be oa vessel required to carry a 1st AE. See the definition of First Assistant Engineer in 46 CFR 10.107.

How would you document that if the vessel manning and/or your discharge does not say “1st Engineer”? Would a letter from the company essentially certifying/attesting to you being the next in line after the chief engineer be enough for NMC?

Thanks for the quick reply.