Sea Time for unlimited Chief Engineer

So you need 360 days and 180 has to be as first. How about the other 180? Some tell me its 1.5 days at 2nd or 3rd. Others say it straight 180. Does all the time have to be on unlimited, or can 180 be on limited HP vessels?

If it would count for third to second than it counts for first to chief as far as the day and a half and HP goes for 180 of those days. It’s all in the MSM what counts as “assistant engineer” time

The 180 as a 1st is exactly that and you won’t find a 1A/E job with limited HP or on a vessel that will get you day and a half credit. Those things just aren’t found on a ship with a 1st billet.

As written, it doesn’t actually specify the capacity the time has to be in. It says that time as 2nd or 3rd is counted at 1:2, but it doesn’t actually specify that it has to be in (only) those capacities. In a recent appeal, we found that time as an assistant engineer would be acceptable and disciunted the same as 2nd or 3rd, subject to the horsepower limitations in 46 CFR 11.503.

So a person can do 180 as first then 180 as 2nd or 3rd and still get an unlimited chiefs ticket, as long as it is on unlimited HP vessel?

As long as you have a 1st license while sailing as 2nd or 3rd but your 2nd and 3rd time only counts 1 for 2 so you would need 360 days.

Also only half your time has to be over 4000 HP to get unlimited.