Unlimited Engineer Upgrade (Outboards?)

Joking but seriously…

I just saw a post on the gram for a 65’ center console with 6 outboard engines, 600HP each = 3,600HP. It’s not a stretch to image in a few years they can eke another 67hp per, taking her up to 4,000HP.

So if one finds themselves a new 3rd A/E and gets hired by the owner of this toy as an Assistant Engineer, will the time count for an Unlimited HP upgrade to 2nd A/E Motor?

something in rules/USCG handbook says “walk in engine room”. yachts/sport fish often have over 4000hp, though.

Those engines actually are quite complex to work on and at that level usually have some kind of DP as well.
If you are really good with them you will be earning $$$$$.

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Marine Safety Manual, Vol. III, page A16-6. It’s used specific to service for QMED.

Hmm, so looks like it’s page A12-2 that holds me back…it’s a gross tonnage problem. Need to some how add 75 tons to that 25 ton hull.

Tow a barge? Convert your outboard boat and barge into some kind of bizarre integrated tug barge thing.

We do have small-ish barges towed by outboard-engine tugs around here. The marine construction firms seem to like them.