United Maritime Group

Anyone work for UMG? There are some job posts on their site.

Last I saw 3/4 of their tugs were tied up in Tampa. They were good to work for before TECO sold them off but since then the few guys I still talk to have moved on.

What happened to TECO? Their website gone? Did they do cable laying or was that TYCO?

It was TECO ocean shipping the power company,TECO, sold off the ocean shipping division off to a group of investors. Tyco does the cable laying.

They are a bulk company, non-union, with competitive pay. Straight from a very reliable source, they have recently downsized, selling off a few of their ATB’s and one of their bulk ships. The two remaining bulk ships primarily do grain and other commodities tramping around the world. What few tugs they have left haul coal and anything they can from the gulf coast region. I was told that the money from the recent ship sales are going back into the remaining boats.