United maritime group? thoughts?

united maritime group? any and all thoughts?

was called today for a phone interview tommorow for a wiper spot on a ocean ship or possible o/s on tugs? any thoughts to the company and what not?:wink:

A wiper job is hard to find… I’d take it, but I know nothing about umg

Non union bulker outfit… Go to some interesting places that most ships don’t go anymore… If I was single, I’d be there in a heart beat…

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I have a good friend who works for them as a 2nd mate. He gets to travel all over the world to all kinds of exotic ports and seems to really like the job. The hitches can be long(up to 4 months) but it seems you will generally get even time.

They are the old TECO outfit. Search the forums for more info. The tug and barges do mostly coal and phosphate between the upper gulf and Tampa. Occasionally I’ve seen one of their ships on the same run. Some of their ships are mostly overseas so have your passport ready. I would speculate that it’s going to be a lot of work, and your payback will be sea time.

Good company but they have slimmed their fleet substantially. A lot of good people have left or looking for other opportunities. Ports like Djibouti and Dar el Salaam are interesting for about a day. After that it gets old.

got a call from UMG today and they are flying me for jacksonville out to tampa for a 2nd interview, hmm a lil time and a mass fire-off of applications,emails, and phone calls paid off!

congrats i hope it works out

thank ya friend!