Anyone have any recent experience sailing with Tyco on the Cable Layers?

Yes… They are very nice ships, good people (mostly) very professional. interesting projects. Comfortable cabins, i see you handle is “offshore” i am going to assume you either coming off a laid up drill ship or supply vessel, if so its completely different working environment. Your hand wont be held, and you will be responsible to take care of yourself and act like a seafarer. if you have more specific questions ask…

They hire Americans at all?

Dependable, Resolute, Reliance, Durable, Global sentinel, Decisive and Responder are manned by American maritime officers, most of the ships are manned SIU for crew, the rest (3) of the ships are manned by Filipino crews. The cable engineers are mostly american or Spanish. Home cable depot is in Baltimore Maryland, where the home office is located. They have one Cable ship teneo which may still be manned by Spanish crew entirely. so yes they do hire Americans, tyco is the only company that Americans do lay cable with.