Cable Laying Ships

Anyone have any info about what work is like on a cable laying ship? Curious what kind of schedules, daily work, common conflicts, watch responsibilities, etc. that a new third mate might encounter.

Or if anyone could refer me to someone who has experience on cable laying ships.

The mariner who blogs at Deep Water Writinghad a few post up about a cable ship in Singapore.

I was on a MSC cable ship some time ago, As an AB we worked 12 on and 12 off and it was hard work. We used a cable called 21 Quad and it was heavy as hell. I think now it is all fiber optic cable which is much lighter.

The third mate job was relatively simple, 4 on 8 off and safety officer. Don’t know what it is like on a non-MSC ship these days, Shouldn’t be too bad I wouldn’t think.