Union anchor history

I came across an image of what was called a union anchor. It looks very similar to a Halls anchor. I can’t find any information about a union anchor.

When was it introduced? Before Halls?
What is the origin of its name? Manufacturer?

Primary users?

Thanks in advance! Any info is appreciated.

440px-Anchor_types (1)

According to several searches the Union Anchor is also referred to as JIS Stockless Anchor (a conventional stockless anchor made to Japanese Industial Standards) There maybe more to it but that is what I’ve seen to date.


The Union Steamship Company of New Zealand was established in the late 1875 and wound up in 2000. It was one stage the largest shipping company in the southern hemisphere. They were known as the southern octopus and had their own foundry. With many of the ships working cargo anchored off coral reefs and working cargo into lighters losing anchors would have been an occupational hazard.
The Union Company had enough expertise to man the impounded Barque PAMIR and run cargo between New Zealand and San Francisco throughout WWII.


Thanks for the info! I’ll doing some more searches about JIS Stockless Anchors.

Thank you so much for all the great info! Very interesting facts.