Torpedo on Anchor

I anchor near this area quite a bit and am always happy to hear “anchor is in sight, clear of any obstructions” on the radio from the Mate. This takes it to a whole new level though. Talk about ruining your day.

I’ve heard a sea story from an old Captain about picking up a Volkswagen Beatle somewhere off of Tampa in the 70’s but I’ve so far escaped such tribulations.

Anyone ever snag anything with the hook?

You mean other than Fishing nets and “New Jersey Whitefish?”

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Ha. In my neck of the woods they were known as “east river white fish” and the fisherie was well stocked.

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When I was mate on a tug we snagged a ship’s anchor chain while anchored in Dutch Harbor. The good news was we stopped dragging, the bad news was we had to have divers to get loose. The diving company was happy to get the chain.

Evidently the locals knew it was down there. We were using a big Danforth, must have dug in pretty deep.

Same tug, captain anchored in a spot called “foul ground”. Again needed divers to get the anchor back. Plus we bent the shaft of the anchor windlass.

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Grabbed a big piece of subsea cable once. It had already been cut so somebody else probably snagged it and we re-picked it up. Fuck a torpedo though…jesus.

Or you can snag one this way

Or like this