Environmentally Safe Ship Anchors?


I received this from a journalist today. I explained that a sea anchor isn’t really an anchor, and he gets it, but I don’t know much about anchoring in coral reefs.

I’m wondering if any innovations exists that are trying to produce a more ‘eco-friendly’ anchor (traditional anchors with their chains can cause a lot of environmental damage to coral reefs).

any suggestions would be welcomed. the sea anchors seem to be a big
help for smaller ships - I’m hoping someone out there is designing a
new method for larger ships (in any capacity).

Please let me know if anything crosses your mind.
Any thoughts on this?




Good point! Well, except for the carbon footprint of having 4 EMD’s running 24/7.


If a country is interested in protecting their reefs they should invest in moorings. These can get expensive if your looking to hold a VLCC but,once installed, they become part of the ecosystem.


Enviormentally safe anchor?? The only thing that crosses my mind is “Painless Dentist” and “Amicable Divorce”