Understanding China


Not agreeing with your opinions and world view doesn’t mean I have closed my eyes or mind since retiring. I’m as open to honest opinions and intelligent arguments as ever, but I DO NOT get influenced by propaganda and untruths from any side.
Looking at the present status of truth in US politics doesn’t exactly instil any confidence in US world leadership.



How’s that new USCG icebreaker coming along? :3


Slowly but surely… Takes a little longer in non 3rd world sh*thole countries without the benefit of laborers content with barely feeding themselves, no worker protections, and those pesky environmental regulations…


Like I said, you should take a trip to China with eyes and mind open.


My remark was more directed towards the administration rather than American shipbuilders. Is it really so difficult to get a new one built when the old one is falling apart and spends more time in a dry dock than on mission…


I’m sure I’d find a bunch of ordinary, down to earth, Tsingtao drinking good ol boys and that would have absolutely zero impact on my disdain for the powers that be over there. Nor would it dampen my absolute glee that we finally have a president who is trying to undo the 70 years of “progress” that has resulted the gutting of America’s industry, job base, and middle class.

Time will tell if he gets the help he needs or not (starting with what happens today).


It appears that he got part of what he wanted, but he may not be able to gut the rest of the world’s industry to fulfil a campaign promise and nationalistic agenda.

Your perception that people in China has absolutely no power over policy is as misguided as your other fascist ideas. They may not practise a western type of democracy, but public opinion is still very important to the leaders of China.


CNCo have returned to Shanghai


This is a joke right? You are willing to publicly embarrass yourself to claim on an open forum that the Chinese people are free to express their opinions critical to the Chinese government???


This is the first time I’ve ever been called fascist so I looked it up to see exactly what that entails. Per Wikipedia:

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.

Now ask yourself which one of your favorite countries this best describes? I wasn’t sure if I was reading facisim’s entry or China’s.

The more propaganda you spout while completely ignoring the stories of oppression of its own people which are right in front of your face (and then have the audacity to call that oppression “good nationalism”), the more you reveal about yourself. This thread should be entitled 'Understanding China and it’s foreign apologist shills" because it is important to understand the danger of both.


Maybe you should expand your reading, listening and viewing habits a bit to include a bit more than just Breitbart, Alex Jones and Fox News?

I can recommend The Economist, BBC World News and Al Jazeera, all of which should be available in the US for those who wants to read, hear, see and learn something different from the normal fare on US media.


I’ve subscribed to the economist for years. They do not take an easy view on China either. If the article is purely business driven then they stick to the intent of the story and don’t editorialize, but social issues get their due in other places.


I did not say that The Economist, or any of the other news media I recommended are easy on China, or on anybody else, nor would I want them to be. I want honest reporting, not biased propaganda and lies.
At the same time I watch and read some of that to, to have an idea what the “opponents” are likely to be fed. (Yes, even Alex Jones and Fox News)

PS> I have had my fill of lies while watching the mid-term election in USA this last couple of months. Do I have to spell out who is lair-in-chief??


yes China very keen to hear your opinion then when its disagrees with theirs they act


China takes another pawn, woll a military base follow to counter India?


Yes it could be, especially if they are being provoked to take such military steps for protection of their supply routes directly from the Bay of Bengal to their SW provinces, which is further from the Chinese coast than from the Arakan Coast.

BTW; My last job in Myanmar was in connection with construction of a gas field off Kyaukpyu that is now supplying gas to China via pipeline.


can you tell me which navy is trying to blockade China’s supply line, or is it just a made up story?
Barrage balloons with machine guns to protect the air routes coming soon no doubt?


CNCo is also doing their bit for the environment:

Or at least planning to.


It makes sense to have sail powered low tech feeders for outlying islands.

Actually slightly re-cycled news, Project Cerulean was launched a year ago, this from LR 17-09-17

China Navigation explores low-tech
sustainable shipping solution in
South Pacific islands
SWIRE Group’s Singapore-based
China Navigation Company is in
the process of developing and
testing a small wind-powered
cargo vessel that will help it to
serve island communities in the
South Pacific. Known as “Project
Cerulean”, the sustainable
shipping initiative aims to make
the transition to low-carbon sea
The vessel’s design was based
on the drua, a traditional doublehulled
sailing vessel used by
inhabitants of the South Pacific
islands. The 250 dwt prototype
vessel measures 35 m in length,
has an 8 m beam, and can sail at
a speed of 12 knots. It has
capacity to carry about 3 teu, or
70 tonnes of cargo, or 12-20
persons. It is equipped with a 1
megawatt hour battery powered
by solar panels.


At the moment there are no active shooting war or blockade between any of the world’s major power, but they are all planning for the possibility that it could happen. So is China.

If they did not plan and train for that possibility, what would be the justification for the Trns. of $$ spent every year on maintaining armies, navies and air forces around the world??
Not to mention manufacturing more and deadlier weapons to keep the capitalists happy and fat.

PS> And it is all in the name of DEFENCE. If nobody is preparing to attack, why do we need defence??