Understanding China


Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka


meanwhile over in the news that didnt come from China


Having sailed with Sri Lankan crew & officers I am well aware of how the Chinese hooked and gaffed Rajapaksa, the folk on the street knew this but it was a personal vanity project by the then PM. China got what they wanted by playing the long game just as they did in Venezuela, Djibouti, Pakistan etc. Anywhere with a weak economy, vainglorious and inept leaders sprinkled with corruption will fall to the Chinese. Hambantota was a white elephant but the Chinese will make it work - Colombo has run out of real estate and has infrastructure problems.

Politicians have short memories, they look to stay in power whatever the cost, look to the next election or avoid one if possible, and, after all they don’t pick up the tab.

Statesmen look to the next generation. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts…