Understanding China


Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka


meanwhile over in the news that didnt come from China


Having sailed with Sri Lankan crew & officers I am well aware of how the Chinese hooked and gaffed Rajapaksa, the folk on the street knew this but it was a personal vanity project by the then PM. China got what they wanted by playing the long game just as they did in Venezuela, Djibouti, Pakistan etc. Anywhere with a weak economy, vainglorious and inept leaders sprinkled with corruption will fall to the Chinese. Hambantota was a white elephant but the Chinese will make it work - Colombo has run out of real estate and has infrastructure problems.

Politicians have short memories, they look to stay in power whatever the cost, look to the next election or avoid one if possible, and, after all they don’t pick up the tab.

Statesmen look to the next generation. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts…




Alibaba, the world’s largest and most advanced internet retailer, has joined forces with the John Fredriksen owned Marine Harvest to market Norwegian salmon directly to 600 mill. Chinese customers:


Meanwhile BRI continues…



And Japan get on board the BRI wagon, literally:


China had walls before Trump, now they are building them internally…


no, no…our resident communist/globalist shill covered this earlier when he informed us about the “good kind” of nationalism as displayed by China. This is as opposed to the xenophobic and racist kind of nationalism that is represented by the MAGA platform.


The nationalistic pride and patriotism shown by the Chinese people does not involve the xenophobic and racist elements that is seen among the extreme right mob in USA.

They are proud of what China has accomplice in the last 30 years and of Chinese history back millenniums, but they are not aggressive against other races, or nationalities.

Not that there aren’t ANY racism at all In China. Discrimination, even against people from other regions of China, is rampant however, but it does not involve violence against people of other races, or religion.

What is happening in Xinjiang is an example of the Islamophobia that is spreading around the world, casting all Muslims as potentiate terrorists.


we have zero technology so we must keep stealing others…


Keep preaching it brother… The more articles like the one you posted, or this one:


THEN maybe people will truly understand China as the title of this thread suggests. They are unabashedly pro China and therefore by definition, anti everybody else that doesn’t further that goal.

The hypocrisy flowing from our resident globalist pro China shill is glaring.


You should maybe take a trip or two to China to learn a thing or two about this VERY large and diverse country. And I don’t mean the touristy thing, with a visit to the restored part of the Great Wall and a few selfies at Tian An Men Square, with the Great Hall of the People and the portrait of Mao Tse Tung in the background to prove you have been there, before heading off to the next country on a “5 country in 10-day Asian tour”.

Attending dinners with ordinary Chinese, with free flow of Tsingtao Beer and Mai Tai and you’ll find that they are very different from the oppressed people the western media and the US propaganda machine would like you to believe them to be.

I have had some lively discussions with ordinary Chinese, even in sober condition.
They are not afraid to discuss political subject, or to voice critical opinions about things in China. That includes the Party Commissars on the many Chinese heavy lift ships I have attended over the years, either as MWS, or as COSCO’s Superintendent/Loadmaster.

But they are not overly impressed with the west, incl. USA, and their so called “freedom”.
It is more important to have a full stomach every day than to be able to call your leaders idiots, which would be totally against Kung Fu Tze’s teaching and good manners anyhow,

China today and the China I visited in the 1960’s and 1970’s are VERY different. Every time I go there it has changed some more. Now it is exactly 3 years since my last visit, so I expect big changes if and when I get to go there again.


the average person and the government are usually 2 vastly different things as a well traveled person like you would appreciate.
Government policy inside and outside can and often is 2 vastly different things.
did/do the locals have a choice in China, North Korea, Germany under Hitler, etc etc.
Governments job is to stay in power at any cost in these countries


Exactly. My beef with China has absolutely nothing to do with the average Tsingtao drinking Chinaman. Because, honestly, what that person feels or thinks is irrelevant. He and his like minded countrymen are, 1. not free to express any contrarian views (freedom of speech), 2. unable to defend themselves or their views against their tyrannical government (no right to bear arms), 3. Not free to elect someone else who represents their views (no free and open elections/Xi self appointed leader for life).

So, if it is true that:

Then they deserve the oppressive 1st world s*ithole country they have. On second thought, if this is the most pressing concern they have:

Then it’s hard to apply a 1st world designation.


its not the 250million on the coast its the 900 million that didnt get the job in the city or factory that havent moved with the rest of china, thats where any issues might start.
China already talking about the repatriation of labourers in the cities and limiting city population.
Was in the paper when I was in Shanghai a few months ago


China does NOT claim to be a 1st world country. On the contrary, they claim to be “Developing country”, which is the beef many western government have with them. The worlds 2nd largest economy yet their GDP per capita is far from being in the top 10 in the world.

Come to think of it; USA, the largest economy and self-proclaimed richest country in the world, is NOT on that list either.

I travelled the world with my eyes open and without pre-perceived opinions about other people and countries.


China strategically moving into renewables:



well yes, it was all preconceived before they opened the door and then we bought their stuff and then stood back and watched.
Since then all our comments are the reality of how the gov operates


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And then what? Retired to Norway to do the complete opposite? Come on…