Understanding China


my guess is they will flick the switch one day and convert the currency to internal and external


Confirming the Chinese plans to secure their supply lines without being dependent on passing through the first ring of islands, which is vulnerable to blockade by unfriendly powers:

Fits nicely into the BRI as well.


China’s coastal container fleet is already large and growing rapidly:


Trump’s ratings will soon erode:



China showing its hand in Djibouti



another country to go broke and owe China for the rest of their lives


China has expanded the area requiring low sulphur fuel already 01.Oct.2018:


China displacing India in the Maldives



Anyone surprised? When are we going to open our eyes?


more proof they cant think or design anything, just steal other peoples ideas
They seem to have a real problem getting past the compass gunpowder paper and the printing press on their list of inventions.
Perhaps the cultural revolution did actually kill off all the thinkers?


Don’t take the honour for inventing the printing press from the Germans.


It took a lot of technical chops to pull this off.

I’m sure there will be an active comment stream on Ars Technica.


Chinese had wooden printing blocks I thought, half way there…


BRI continues, Xi Jinping is changing he world with Putin, strategically they are outsmarting Trump and the West in general


I think their plan has already come to fruition, throw money at poor countries that cant pay it back and then take over on default or keep them poor forever.
There are more crying now than happy with their “Chinese investments”


Just another day in China


China is relaxing fiscal rules. This could be interesting as the Communist central decision makers are pulling Capitalist levers without knowing the likely consequences, short term and long term. The law of unintended consequences cannot be avoided.


China out-Trumping Trump?



I read a report ages ago that said there is no way the rest of the world can supply enough soybean to china if the volume from the USA drops.
I’ll bet its local traders supplying what the consumers wants, anyway they can?


If China is using proxy buyers then the Ayatollahs have become notionally the biggest customer for the corn belt.

The law of unintended consequences…