Understanding China


It was a tit-for-tat response to a long-ago situation where EU were complaining that the US was dumping chickens on them. People who would like to have a Volkswagen pickup truck are very displeased by it.


So trade wars are now about old grudges due to cheap USA factory produced chickens vs Volkswagen pickups that a few people wanted 40 years ago? Good God. But one must remember there is a middle schooler in charge in the USA now so it is understandable.


I didn’t say that. All I said was how the so-called “Chicken tax” on imported light trucks came to be, back in seventy-something I think. Nothing about grudges, nor any application to present-day other than that the 25% tariff still exists.

I mentioned Volkswagen AG because I happen to be an enthusiast of the T3 generation of VW Transporter, and we never saw the pickup versions in the US.

Last I knew Ford were getting around this by importing the small Transit van from Turkey with rear windows, seats, and seat belts. Right on the pier in Baltimore, all that stuff is stripped out and recycled as materials – what a waste! – and metal panels put in the window openings.


dont forget when it comes to food, the EU spends a gazillion dollars a year on protecting farmers
I can see some of that is to protect the land areas and see they are maintained but…
They will be using US computers and software to work that out…

PS you cant buy an Ozzie meat products in the UK due to EU tarrifs but you can by NZ lamb…
Wait till they start selling Ozzie Olive oil into Europe, way better and miles cheaper…
I dont think thats going to happen…

China started the trade war


The apologetic buffoonery from the Norwegian communist knows no limits does it comrade? Couching the mass starvation and executions of 70+ million Chinese before and during the cultural revolution as “excesses” is a new low for even a suicidal Norwegian as yourself.


Please sober up before you post more BS.


China is ranked first in this year’s Maritime Nations report issued by Menon and DNV GL:

Here is a link to the full report:


Trade wars may not be as “easy to win” as Mr. Trump seams to think, especially if the “enemy” is China:


China’s new polar research vessel launched:


China is getting impatient with slow progress on cleaning the air around their major cities:


Trade dispute, as opposed to trade war, is nothing new between US and China:

The US interpretation of what constitutes “dumping” has been dispute by many and found to be illegal under WTO rules.


Also getting impatient with religious freedom.

Beginning to understand China better and better


its called 'saying in power at any cost"


What is it that China do right to grow their influence around the world, despite US efforts to stop them?
Maybe the BRI is not just a credit trap but a benefit that comes with less conditions attached to it:

They also grow their maritime might:

And all this just to spite Trump’s America First vision??


To say that the US should learn anything from China may be like swearing in church here, but here goes:

Expanding health insurance coverage back towards the universal coverage of older days, reigning in prices of drugs and removing low quality or fake medicines from the market is a step in the right direction at least


good news, and they need ti when you look at the aging population status of China versus the USA


The US tariffs hasn’t made much difference to Chinese export YET:


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Holy K-rist, where have you been the last 30 or so years Mr. McCarty??
It is better to live in Cuba or PRC than under a bridge in Chicago.


Understanding China better and better…

More of the good kind of nationalism there @ombugge?