Understanding China


Googles job is to steal your data ( to sell) but in China that the Governments job ( for control)


This is a great article for anyone seeking to “Understand China”

I think the boys in Prague understand China a lot better now than they did when they got in bed with them…a cautionary tale for sure.


A bit like COSCO’s investment in Greece, nothing more than to smuggle chinese products into Europe without paying tax.
Is there any WTO rule China actually abide d by?


You mean Piraeus is a Freeport and goods coming in through there can transit duty free to the rest of EU?? That is news to me!!!

It would also be a bit difficult, since anything transiting from there by rail, road or sea would have to cross EU borders enroute.
But let’s not get hung up in immaterial details, like geography.



I dont know if you have ever been to Europe but once you are in there are no custom ports at any borders


Yes I have been to Europe a few times and know about the Customs Union and freedom of travel between countries that is part of the Schengen Agreement:

But Greece is situated such that all borders is to non-EU countries, thus any goods transported by rail or road has to go through other countries.
Any goods transshipped at Piraeus Port to ports in Northwest Europe has to go through Customs there.

That criminal gangs manage to cheat it not a surprise, that is what they do worldwide.

That nominally “honest” traders try to avoid customs duty and taxes by legal means are also not an unknown occurrence anywhere. Of course, if it has anything to do with Chinese firms it must be instigated by the “Communist Government”, while European or American cheats are just trying to maximise profit by whatever means available.

PS> Yes I know about Customs Seals on containers crossing borders.


Speaking of COSCO, they are now the proud owner and operator of the world’s biggest container ship. Built in China, with 90% Chinese made machinery and equipment.
From Maasmond Newsclippings today:


What? You mean they didn’t build it to run on batteries!


the battery boats they built haul coal up the Yangtze.


having stolen all the drawings from someone they just copied what already existed.
I cant see the Chinese have any technology less what everyone else has?


You should get new glasses.


The electric powered inland/river ship is operating on the Pearl River, not Yangtze:


Trump asked them to stop stealing everything and if they agree the tariffs can go as quick as that, seems to be a stumbling block in the negotiations?
Why do they steal everything, what other reason than they have nothing?

The EU fixed it in 5 minutes, ok we drop the existing unfair tariffs, how easy was that.


No. Junker and Trump both said they would “look into zero tariffs and other trade barriers”.
EU would also look at the possibilities of importing more LNG at some time in the future, or at least look at the feasibility of building more receiving facilities.
A face saving exerciser for both sides to enable them from stepping away from a trade war between allies.


How will BRI affect shipping is a question many is asking. Here is one attempt at answering that:


China Navigation is making a quick buck:



This is what was agreed:

It got Trump out of a bad situation and cost Europe nothing.


Great, so Trump got Junkers to fly to America to get him out of trouble…such power!

“The United States currently imposes a 2.5 percent tariff on imported passenger cars from the European Union and a 25 percent tariff on imported pickup trucks. The EU imposes a 10 percent tariff on imported U.S. cars”.

The USA has been on the receiving end of a trade war for years, same with China.
Trump asking why, nobody seems to like that


The European Union long ago decided to assemble cars in the USA to avoid the 2.5% tariff. The 25% tariff on imported pickup trucks? That is a solution in search of a problem. It is kinda like the USA threatening to force Europe to pay a duty on importing USA made snuff and chewing tobacco.