Understanding China


The world has move on since WWII and China is moving with it.


Are you serious or trolling?

  • They’re was no that to their sea lanes.
  • They artificially created an island in order to claim international waters a theirs.

The only reason I can think of is they want control of the sea lanes (as opposed to no one controlling them) so they can dominate the other countries in that region. China is the threat.


Look at a map of Western Pacific and the China coast and maybe you will understand why China need to control the South China Sea.
It is somewhat like if someone was able to block off free access to the US Gulf coast by having control of a few narrow choke points.

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It is international waters that China has no right to and they are the only ones threatening it. Who the fuck do you think they’re protecting it from? They just want to control it so they can fuck with anyone non Chinese who wants to go through there.


China wants all the fish, the oil and gas, and of courseTaiwan.

If oil and gas is found onshore in the Philippines, Vietnam, etc., the Chinese will take that too.


Who they want to protect themselves from should be obvious and it is none of the ASEAN countries surrounding the South China Sea.

They are not stopping free passage of commercial vessels, nor have they stopped any naval vessel of any nation from lawful passage in international waters.

They are trying to claim exclusive oil, gas, minerals and fishing rights, but not entirely successful yet. This dispute will have to be between China and the ASEAN countries through negotiations, or through international legal means, without interference from countries that have no claims in the area.


Man…a man 75 years old should know better than this…I get you’re progressive and looking forward but to completely ignore history is just reckless…


Well it isn’t. There is no threat to Chinese shipping by any nation that I’m aware of.


“International legal means” have already told China they have no right to those waters but yet they persist. The only reason the US may get involved is if China ignores the legal decision and need they need to be stopped. The world counts on us to be the international police force after all.


I think china on a fine line whether it will impload with internal revolt or survive, I give it 60:40 chance in favour of surviving.
Any hiccup in the global economy or sharp rise in crude and its in trouble.
Could easily become another ostracized country like Russia if they make trouble.


Nobody has been hindered from sailing in the South China Sea, nor would it be in China’s interest to do so, since it would hamper trade.

Provocative activity by naval vessels and military planes from 3rd parties with no bones in the area is not wanted, either by China or the ASEAN countries. They prefer to solve the problem amicably and without any outside interference.


There have been none. What country are you thinking of?


It’s not currently in their interest to do it, but it IS in their interest to have the ability to do it so they can threaten their neighbors. Why else would they make illegal claims to those waters?


Why else??? To secure their supply lines and safety from attack by unfriendly forces.
Not unlike what all other nations are doing.
Why would they threaten their neighbours, unless they turn unfriendly, or are coerced by an outside force into blocking the few narrow passages into the South China Sea and the Chinese coast?

I urge you again to look at the map of Asia and the Western Pacific. Maybe then you will understand the logic.




Your guess is as good as mine.
I think we both know who are the only power with any interest in “containing China” to maintain their hold on world hegemony. Don’t be naive.


I have no idea what or who you’re talking about.

Stop assuming nefarious intentions in everything certain countries do.


The US has treaties with the other countries in that region so we do “have bones” in the area. Also, the international courts have zero enforcement power, they rely primarily on the US military to enforce their rulings. In case you missed it, Chinese actions in the South China Sea have been declared illegal.


Yes I totally agree!!!


Who said anything about the US?? (You have to be careful what you say and do these days)

Yes the International courts have no enforcement power and rely upon all parties to accept and respect their rulings. As far as I know they have never called on anybody to use force to impose their rulings.

The only exception is the International Criminal Court, which ask member states to apprehend and hand over war criminals. US is not a member though. (They are afraid that some of their nationals may be accused and convicted, I believe)


the court wanted to have access to military personnel, for war crimes stuff, not just leaders but foot soldiers in your own country and outside. I can understand why they said forget it.
it also conflicts with the USA constitution as I’m sure it does many other countries but they just signed it.
The French signed but a Frenchman cant be extradited?