Understanding China


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You think NSA is on to me??


Wouldn’t want our gimmicky marketers’ information to get into the wrong hands. . . .


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From Foreign Policy a year ago:

According to myths dear to Americans, whose society was founded on the basis of slavery and the dispossession and substantial eradication of the native population, the United States is a force for liberty in the world. More recently, and prior to Trump, the United States has also long promoted an image of itself a country that is keen on openness, in ideas, in matters of immigration and in trade. None of these things have been consistently true of the United States — ever.

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No surprise as you’ve been highlighting any anti US exerpt you can find since you joined this forum.

Nice deflection though (a Norwegian specialty I see). No comment on parallels between China’s current actions and future arc as compared to the axis powers in the years leading up to WW2?


There are plans for an Electric car sharing scheme somewhat like this right there in Singapore (but not for free):


I’m not sure Singapore knows what to do for transport, first ran Telsa out of town, then clearly didnt want cng powered cars, then dumped 25,000 new taxis on the road, then ran uber out of town, then allowed anything electric on the footpath and are trying to find their way with AV and now car share?
Yet they keep building and re building on narrow roads making it more and more congested


You should get over the belief that anything Chinese is low quality.
Many Chinese manufacturers, ZMPC among them, deliver top quality products at competitive prices.

PS> If you prefer “cheap sh*t” China can produce that to.


Compared to Liebherr? The Germans still make a top notch crane, just apparently too expensive for their own government.

You are the pot talking to the kettle about assumptions by the way


Do you mean the average American?? The average person in the world is, if not struggling to put food on the table any more, struggling to improve his living condition to something at least halfway to American and European standard.

He is doing this by hard work, not by cheating, stealing, or threatening violence.


Yup. And that good on them. But that doesn’t give them the RIGHT to come to this country or any other. They are only granted that PRIVILEGE by the passage of policy by the lawmakers of that country. It is up to that country to determine whether or not and to what level that should be allowed that is in the best interests of the nation.


No. It applies to anyone in any country whose government doesn’t protect them. In your Utopia, any person at any time is subject to losing their job the moment their company can find someone willing to do it cheaper.

My guess is that you fall into the category of a wealthy elitest who is retired and thus doesn’t have to worry about finding and maintaining employment in this environment you advocate for so heavily.


I would say that anybody that actually believe that China threatens to attack USA need to have their head examined, or at least a lesson in “Real Politik”.
The only threat to USA is to her position as the world hegemon.

China is still a developing country that is busy developing a strong domestic economy to get less dependent on export to other countries, some of which are less than appreciative of the advantages they have had from Chinese working for low wages.

China need to have control of the sea lanes leading to it’s coastline and a strong defence against any power threatening to chock off those lanes.
With the worry that USA will get rough as their position in the world diminish, China needs to have a strong conventional defence force to ensure that ability.

They also need the capability to retaliate with credible force against any nuclear threat, as long as there are that capability on the other side. USA has never stated that it would not be the first to use nuclear weapons, China have.


It’s obvious that China heading toward World domination. They don’t care if it take 200 years.

Short term, China has already claimed most of the South China Sea and its resources. Obviously, they intend to retake Taiwan. Obviously, they intend to dominate most of SE Asia.


Yes on all counts!!
Yes China will be dominating economic power in the world very soon.
It is more doubtful that they will be interested in being the dominant military power though. It cost too much and bring a lot of responsibility with it. There is no incentive for that, as long as they are able to defend themselves from aggression.

Yes they control the South China Sea and will continue to do so for as long as it takes to ensure that there are no longer a threat to their sea lanes.

Taiwan will eventually be reunited with the Motherland. Whether that will be by force or by mutual agreement is left to be seen though. As long as nobody stir the pot, status quo and a slow approach to unification is the most likely scenario.

Yes, domination of S.E.Asia is a given, but not in a military way. The ASEAN countries will see that their destiny is tied to a rising China, not to a declining power on the other side of the world.
(US and Europe)

I have no idea if China has any interest in planting “backdoors” into software in equipment it sells to USA or anywhere else, or if they have done so.
If so, I wouldn’t be surprised that CIA/NSA … have managed to place “backdoors” into software sold worldwide, such as Windows, Android, (you name it), or the widely used Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc.
I’m equally worried about both.


Hmm… Replace Taiwan with Poland or Belgium and suddenly that policy statement sounds familiar. Also sounds pretty nationalistic… Another example of the “good” nationalism exhibited by our friends in China


Just a natural development, as long as nobody try to meddle.


Which one? Now or in '39?


We were taking Taiwan and the future, not Europe and history.


Ok just making sure… The whole “retaking into the motherland what’s our destiny by force if necessary” model is starting to sound familiar


Russia call themselves “the Fatherland” if that was where you were going.


No, it wasn’t. Here, I’ll translate the analogy. The expansionist attitude China currently is showing (which includes claiming territory thousands of miles from their shore, the “inevitable” retaking of Taiwan into the “motherland” by force if needed, and the construction of islands in international waters despite an international court ordering them to cease and desist) is reminiscent of the attitude and actions of the axis powers in the leadup to WW2.

Also, I think it’s pretty clear that the Chinese think less of non-Chinese similar to how the “Aryan race” and Japanese felt about themselves around that time.

That’s where I was going.