Understanding China


The USA stands alone. Their kidnapping of non-USA citizens from their home country would also have to cease should the USA agree to be part of the international court system. As it is now the USA prefers to be a rogue nation who has appointed themselves rulers of planet earth that accepts no responsibility for their actions.


there are a few other countries that either kill or kidnap their countrymen and bring them back home.

Saying that us ozzies still want to know what happened to the guys from the Nugan Hand bank
One is dead from severe case of suicide the other missing


Now that is a big mystery. A lot of unanswered questions.



This would have been a better title for this thread: From FP magazine: Nobody Knows Anything About China

We don’t know China because, in ways that have generally not been acknowledged, virtually every piece of information issued from or about the country is unreliable, partial, or distorted.


Yes a lot of what is published in the western media is unreliable, biased, deliberately distorted for political and propaganda purposes and/or plain stupid due to preconceived opinions coloured by old misconceptions and old teaching.

Is everything told in the Chinese media gospel truth?? No, it is also slanted to suit the purpose of the government and the way the Chinese is viewing the west, which is not with great admiration, or in awe of their abilities, or manners. The Cantonese term for Caucasians are; “quai loh” = white ghost.

I have long wondered why it is that westerners still think they are somehow superior to people of other races, when it is proven that it is not so? In fact the average IQ of people from North Asia (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese etc.) are actually higher than that of Caucasians?
This is even so between races making up the American population:

In a country ranking of average IQ score the top 6 places are held by countries with majority Chinese populations:


From the article:

Nobody Knows Anything About China
Including the Chinese government.


Yes I saw that article when it was published and I agree,
China is too big and too diverse for anybody to fully understand it, or fully control it for that matter.
Regional authorities are playing their own games and not always following orders from the Central Government, or from the Communist Party, just like individual Governours and States of the United States doesn’t always follow Washington.


You’re kind of all over the place here…so many times before you have said that all races are equal/no race is superior…then you say:

which implies you think those races are superior due to higher IQ. Then you link an article which says:

“And let’s just get one notion out of the way: The difference does not seem to be driven by differences in intelligence.”


“So the Asian advantage, Nisbett argues, isn’t intellectual firepower as such, but how it is harnessed.”

which refutes your idea that IQ=superiority…soooo can you give a summary statement to state what the hell your point exactly is??


I did NOT equate IQ with superiority, you did.

In my opinion no race is superior to any other, but difference in average IQ call into question why somebody feel and behave like they (their race) are superior to others??

I was as guilty of this as most others in my younger days. It was something we were brought up to believe.
But after a life of living and working with people of different races, different standard of education and social standing, I have come to the conclusion that there are dumb and smart, good and bad people among all races.

Nationality is also not a good measure of ability, honesty, or moral quality of any human beings.


I did? That’s a pretty serious accusation. Can you put copy and paste here so I can type my retraction.


Ombugge has Yellow Fever.


That’s just a symptom. It’s the underlying viruses causing it that are dangerous.


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No. Going for the Toothfish.


When you wrote this:

it implies that you believe the people of North Asia with their higher IQs to be superior. That is why I cited it as being contradictory to your previous posts and asked you to clarify.

I guess this should be in the “Refuting Bugge’s Hypocrisy” thread any way.


What you think it “implies” and what it says are two different things.


Nor do they have any systems to be able to publish any economic data so its all fake.
A bank I have never heard of in Shanghai has just been taken over by the government and they managed to burn through $15 billion USD
How many of those are in china?
I guess if Malaysia can make $100 billion disappear every year china has no problems?


Capital requirements are lacking in all banks. Oz says their banks have got to have $.10 to every $1.00, USA says about the same . Chinese banks about 8.5 to 11.5%. In all cases the regulatory agencies doing the measuring are suspect and the banks likely do not have that much in reserve. It is a house of cards, That a bank can be taken over and 15 billion disappear is not surprise,
Trillions disappeared from 2007-2009. Poof ! went away.Taxpayers worldwide came to the rescue to bail out the banks that were over extended [gambled too much]. In the USA the taxpayer gave the banks 16 trillion dollars to bail them out. EU, similar.
But since then nothing appreciable has changed. The Chinese, US and EU banks are still rolling the dice.