Ugly (but beautiful) machinery photos!

Cockatoo Island by Boland

Rusty Reducing Gear

Ever see the Witte Marine Graveyard in the Aurthur Kill? Simply awesome!

Not sure how I missed that one but good stuff.

I took this on my way northbound in the AK. It’s old army LT. A little photosuite and voila.

JED sends

Hello JED

The old man died not too many years back but in his day would sik the dogs on anyone who dared ever get close enough to the graveyard to try to have a close look. This photographer must have gotten his access after that rotten old fart was gone.

Did you know Witte’s two sons own DonJon Marine?

They have two tugs named THOMAS D WITTE & SUSAN WITTE, too much of a coincidence for me. I see them (DJ tugs) routinely over in Port Newark channel when I’m taking barges out of BP.

That bone yard is slowly getting cleaned up too.

This will blow your windows out that the two sons names are Don and John!

So you say that the dump is getting cleaned up, eh. I can only imagine the pollution in the sediment there… Must be a superfund site…I could never believe for a billion years a Witte willing to pay to clean up their own mess!

on another note…just went to the Cockatoo Island site you linked to cmjeff…VERY COOL but the sad thing is that there are yards in the US that look like that and are STILL WORKING! Can you believe that once upon a time the US had the world’s largest and most modern shipbuilding yards? Of course, so did Great Britain before that and look where their yards are today…

oh well, comes a time

Under the terms of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Maritime Administration has received $100 million for the Small Shipyards Grant Program, which had been funded at $10 million in 2008. This program provides 75 percent federal funds with 25 percent matching funds from the shipyard for capital improvements and related infrastructure improvements which will foster efficiency, competitive operations and quality ship construction and repair. Grant funds may also be used for maritime training programs to foster technical skills and operational productivity.

Of the $100 million, $75 million is reserved for shipyards with 600 employees or less and up to $25 million may be awarded to yards with up to 1200 employees.

Applications must be filed by April 20, 2009 and awards must be made by the Maritime Administration by August 17, 2009. More information is available on the Maritime Administration web site:

Sorry for the large image size, it’s late and I finally got around to installing photoshop to fix this one up. This is the piping for one of the SSDG’s aboard the TS Golden Bear

Nice industrial Art