U.S.C.G. Oil Record Book Noncompliant with MEPC187(59)

MEPC187(59) came into force on 1 Jan, 2011. There are changes to the C 11 entries and a requirement for a C11.4 which is not included in the U.S. Coast Guard oil record book. Examples of the required entries are found in MEPC.1/circ.736/rev.2.

Missing this entry could cause problems with PSC.

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued a letter to vessel masters and Chief Engineers regarding the continued use of the 2007 ORB (Oil Record Book).

A post at Bryant’s Maritime Blog is here.

The letter is here (PDF file) (dead link)

[CONTINUED USE OF 2007 OIL RECORD BOOK, CG-4602A (Rev. 01-07)]

updated link

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