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Not sure how many people follow these small changes, but Office of Coast Survey did so to the Coast Pilot website. LNTM 39/12, D13:

“[I]Effective 25 Sep 12, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will begin to update the U.S. Coast Pilot, Volume 7 on a weekly basis. The new PDF version, available free on the NOAA website [/I][I][/I][I] every Tuesday, will automatically incorporate the latest revisions. The version is identified by that week’s Sunday’s date at the top of every page. NOAA will continue to post the individual corrections for all volumes on their website. The Coast Guard will no longer publish Coast Pilot annually for customers who prefer the traditional hardcopy book[/I].”

Looks like CP corrections no longer have “change” numbers associated with them. Also it looks like the changes aren’t associated with the weekly local notice to mariners. They are still updated weekly and the “Record of Weekly” updates are posted on the individual volume page. It used to be that LNTM changes were uploaded to a “Record of Changes” page that had more than one volume of the CP on it.

I have a call out to OCS cause I still don’t fully understand how they’ve organized this. I downloaded a full version of CP7, but it didn’t seem as if the latest updates had been incorporated. Anyway, I thought this was interesting. For those that still like arts 'n crafts time, you are safe for now.