Digitrace chart corrections

Digitrace chart corrections from Marinepress of Canada. Whats your experience with them good or bad? Our company just hooked us up with them, & after finally learning how to use & navigate through them, I’m wondering about the accuracy of them. This weeks (34/13) digitrace corrections show there were none, but there were corrections for the LNM published by the Coast Guard

We have them and use them for all the charts and pubs. Never had a problem with accuracy, but you’ll find that they run 2 weeks behind the LNM.

That explains alot, thanks

Make sure your relief sends them the email when you receive new charts. It also helps a lot to set route specific portfolios.

Thanks. I’m learning more stuff about it & it really makes doing chart corrections easier & faster.

hello i nee help on our digitrace here onboard i cannot update it, the last update was wk33/2020… and it is suppose to be updated wk 39/2020 please help,

Have you guys ever tried Ocean Charting Services for this? They send out weekly “chartlets” that get placed on your particular chart for each NTM.

Digitrace has good email support.