Two more acts of piracy

Two more ships and crews have been hijacked off of Somalia. One was 450 miles offshore!

When are we going to equip some decoy ships with MK 15 Phalanx CISW’s and blow these criminals out of the water. Even a half dozen marksmen with .50 cal. Barretts and RPGs on a dozen decoy ships would take care of a bunch of them. You wouldn’t have to target personnel…just structure. The rest would take care of itself. What are these people going to do? Escalate? Why have the weaponry and technology if you’re afraid to use it?

There seems to be a real reluctance on our part to take a hard line with these criminals. Heaven forbid we blow the honest Somali fisherman…400 miles offshore and pursuing a tanker with RPGs and automatic weapons…out of the water without justification. Their rights would have been violated.

It’s inexcusable to allow this to continue. It’s time to take the gloves off. And not only there…everywhere.


I was at CMA’s yesterday, and the guys were there with one of those LRAD’s. He did a demonstration for me, on volume 1 out of 100, and the thing was still loud as shit. It has prerecorded sayings in it, in a bunch of launguages, and he said that at full power, someone 700 yards away can understand the difference between book, took, and look. I think having one of those things with that piercing siren on it might do some good.

Still, .50 cals would be sweet.

The LRAD’s are sweet, we got to test them out at the security expo in Long Beach last year.

Did you get a chance to look at AeroMech Engineering’s UAV? The thing has a few thousand mile range and they can fly multiple units between Somalia and the UKMTO Transit Corridor… giving the navy plenty of warning when the pirates are enroute.