Piracy countermeasures

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I will be happy to share what we ended up with. We started with the fact that the naval forces were unwilling to share suspect vessel positions. We experimented with a number of platforms and ended up with a small blimp like device called an LTAS. The LTAs was towed about about 500 feet up. Mounted on the LTAS was a small aperture radar and an FLIR TV camera. The radar was able to detect small craft from a distance of about 4 miles. The TV camera allowed us to see about 3 miles reliably. When we had an incoming, we originally used a special forces team to respond. However after two trips, they simply did not get the notion that the master is in complete command. we elected to train our own crew with shotguns. We placed a sandwich of ballistic resistance plastic glass, a piece of metal and another piece of glass alongside the inboard side of the rails on the 02 deck. We then put working lines over that. We decided on a three man fire team. Our operational plans also used a high intensity focused strobe. If a boat attempted to come alongside, the vessels search lights were turn on as well as the strobe. If the boat continues in, the 3 man team has three different targets once the pirates are in the kill zone. SHotgun number 1 which is a semi-automatic Saiga 10 round with buckshot aims at the RPG holder, Shotgun number 2 which is a pump with buck and ball aims at the helmsman, shotgun number 3 which is also a pump with slug ammo aims at the motors. All three guns would sweep the boat after their primary targets were destroyed. Total cost is $8500 a trip since we rent everything.

anyone on here with combat experience care to comment about “getting up close and personal” with a skiff full of rpgs and fullauto aks using just 3 shotguns??


Actually, if the methodology is used correctly, shotguns are a wonderful tool. We actually use the SAS 12, magazine fed shotgun (easy reloading).

I don’t think I would want to just give a few guys some shotguns and say defend the ship, but with the proper training, or proper team, combined with a sound rules of engagement and methodology, yes, this is sound.

Hmmmmmm…with the target trails on, your normal radar will give a pretty good indication of small craft. They can also be seen visually out to about 3.5-4 nm in a fairly flat sea. In a higher sea state, they may not be as easily seen, but won’t be as effective, either. That’s a lot cheaper than small aperture radar and FLIR cameras on a towed blimp. Arming the crew isn’t a bad idea, but when the effluent hits the rotating device, it’s nice to have the extra people (i.e. security team) to respond. If the security team leader can’t figure out who is in overall command, then you need a new security team leader. As in “Highlander,” there can be only one…

As to shotguns vs RPGs and AKs - our goal has been to push the “perimeter” out to 150-200 yards. If they get within that, then we haven’t done something correctly.

I think you kind of missed the point of the question;
anyone on here with combat experience care to comment about “getting up close and personal” with a skiff full of rpgs and fullauto aks using just 3 shotguns??

Of course you would rather push the perimeter out as far as possible, but this particular scenario is better than most shipping companies, in that they are at least giving their crew tools (shotguns, early detection capabilities) instead of just fire hoses.

And it is a very good idea to have a CCTV system of sorts with a DVR, as this can be your defense should it be necessary to engage. However, firearms alone are not the answer, as a multi layered defense, along with the correct methodology and rules of engagement is the answer.

At least this ship company has taken steps giving their seafarer the ability to protect themselves.

How about having a guy trained in firing a 50 cal sniper rifle ? The range on those is about 1000yards to 1500yards . I have seen at gun shows for $5000 to $10000 . You could fire a few shots into the boats as a warning and if they keep coming -take em out.

proposal for a low freeboard 10kt vessel:

ak47 effective range 400m…rpg 200m…12g shotgun 100yds…“do the math”…as to an acceptable perimeter…looks like the m60 or m2 will be needed to extend the “kill zone” out to where its is needed…have personal experience as to what “twin 50s” on a PBR “can do”…also recommend some sort of thermal imagining device for early warning and targeting…client has expressed attitude of concern for collateral damage while transiting “pirate infested waters”…go figure!!

**additionally recommend mossy5s w/ 0 buck for “close encounters of the wrong kind”!!

Firing on boats 1000 yards out is problematic from a legal standpoint.:rolleyes:

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