Clusterf**k in Somalia

This should be interesting to watch…

This is just what we need. The people promising to “rescue” the ($100,000,000.00) tanker from the piriates are directly linked to al Qaeda. I think these are the same clowns that killed 220 people when they blew up the US Embassy in Kenya. I am not naturally pessimistic but, I can’t see a happy ending with this one.

Perhaps “Captain” Paul Watson should head over there with his boat full of sheep.

I would Tivo that episode

What if you sprinkled the semi-militant Sea Shepard with a few cadets and some real high powered weapons? You get this ship, which I hear is the next to leave for the area.

I thought the GMAT school was only the continuing ed program at KP. I didn’t think it had anything to do with the cadets.

AP Moller (Maersk) has decided to start routing ships around the Cape Of Good Hope, rather than risk pirates to take the Suez. Crazy!

<strong>Vessels to boycott pirate-infested Gulf of Aden </strong>

Vessels are increasingly avoiding the Gulf of Aden out of concern for the safety of seafarers and to ensure the safe

delivery of cargo.

Danish shipping giant AP Moller said that the changes would mostly affect their tanker routes, however, three

container vessels would also be affected, but that they would limit the impact for redeployment.

“In general and for vessels entering the Gulf of Aden, we have safety and security procedures in place,” said an AP

Moller Maersk-issued statement.

The vessels will instead sail via the Cape of Good Hope and East of Madagascar.

Meanwhile, INTERTANKO has voiced its support for all tanker operators who have declared their intention to boycott

the area off Somalia’s coast and the Gulf of Aden.

“Our concern remains for the safety of seafarers and for the lack of effective naval protection,” said a statement issued


“We need immediate action from governments to protect these vital trade lanes, robust action in the form of greater

naval and military support with a clear mandate to engage, to arrest pirates and bring them to trial.”

arrest them??? send them to trial??? send them to the bottom!!! send a message to the pirates!!!

I would say include the sea shepard, but they will kill themselves soon enough