Two interesting Books about Tanker history and the failure of class society system

two interest books that you can freely download

  1. [B]Tanker Tromedy - The Impending Disasters in Tankers[/B]
    at this site: (3.5mb)

  2. [B]Tankers, Big Oil & Pollution Liability[/B] - by Tormod Rafgard
    interesting story on the many examples of failures of class
    see chapter 12 and 13
    at this site (large file 6.5mb so be patient)

Thank you. I am always looking for a few food maritime books.

If I read it will I think “Gosh, how did my sorry ass miss all this shit?”

I highly recommend the tanker tromedy
written by someone that knows

[QUOTE=powerabout;90903]I highly recommend the tanker tromedy
written by someone that knows[/QUOTE]

I just finished that book. WOW!!! And I especially say that as a former Class Surveyor. I did get a mention in the foot notes; not by name, however. I was the guy who rafted partially filled ballast tanks and then told the owner that they were going to have to stage all of the tanks for further examination and potential steel replacement. It caused quite the stir at the time. I got quite a few phone calls over it (no email back then).

Very good read and, for the most part, written in a way to be very plainly understood. Jack Devanney is very articulate and makes some very strong points.

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