Case Studies

Hello all. I am searching the web for hard copy case studies on maritime collisions, etc, but can’t seem to find any.

All suggestions are appreciated!

Yup, your not much of a maverick if you can’t navigate over to any of the myriad of ship accident report sites.


Jeez. Didn’t mean to hit one of your soft notes geezer.

If you reread what I asked in the title, I was asking for hard copy recommendation other than text books. Not PDFs.

Thanks for the side note though. Good day!

There’s plenty on the Titanic. :smiley:

If you print a pdf it becomes a hard copy. You could even get Staples to bind it for you.


Apparently not.

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Farwell’s Rules of the Road

Hmmm. Linear thinking at it’s best by OP!
New 3m nailed it!! [Thinking OUTSIDE the box] BZ!

Not sure what you need, but here are a few suggestions.
There’s a hardcover book from academic publisher Elsevier/North-Holland, Collision at Sea: A Guide to Legal Consequences (1978, so hardly up to date) but it has a wealth of footnotes that refer to “hard copy” documents… since in 1978 that was about all there was! I thought you probably get a copy fast & cheap on Amazon or Advanced Booksellers Exchange (ABE), but the only one I see is $375! Sh*t, I’ll probably sell mine at that price. Find a library that will get it for you. And ask a librarianin your home or next American port city. They are really helpful. I used to date one. Hi, Kris!

Also you can join free There are about a dozen “scholarly” documents available freely on “collision,” a few of which might be of interest – although I do realize it’s not “hard-copies”… BUT there might be references in footnotes or appendices of works referred to which you could mine.

PS: If you get to Academia, check out the equation for “The Slower Ship Dilemma”! I didn’t even know there was such a thing – probably all real watch-standing officers do – but as a (relatively) small boat sailer, it might save my hull, if not my life.