Twin City Motel

I will make a full report on the Twin City when I get done, or sooner if they have internet services.

I’ll be back home on Sunday the 15th.


Stayed there 2/16. Clean Bed kinda hard but OK. One problem walls are thin so make sure you do not have loud people next door

After spending the aforementioned nearly two weeks at the Twin City, I’ve gotta say that it’s more than good enough.

If you can’t comfortably stay at the “Twin City” for two weeks you’ll have a hard time staying aboard a boat. It’s old, clean, comfortable and has nice people all over the place. Hell, I could live there!

Ask for the “Young Memorial” discount if you’re going to school. It’ll save you six dollars a night.

The survival craft training (SCP) at Young Memorial is a bitch. You old fat guys (like me) had better be ready for a full day of work, sweat, dehydration and claustraphobia. Twenty men in an enclosed raft and the gumby suit was about all I could take. The water is 85 degrees, the air is 95 degrees and the inside of the raft is 130 degrees. I came really close to hollering “calf rope” and I saw abunch of skinny thirty year olds ready to do the same.

However, it’s not THAT bad and the instructors are exceptional. Just be prepared.

I’m glad to be looking back as opposed to looking foreward.


Another option for the MC visitors is the RV PARK in the Patterson area.

On my job search I stayed at the Kemper William Rv park for 5 days.
$100/week for a tent. They wont let you sleep in car/van. Showers were dark and a little dirty but doable. Laundry machines as of today were new and sparkled! $1.50 wash and same for dry.

Quiet and lots of fire wood for the camp fire too.

Maybe a rental car and a tent would Pencil out better.