Twin City Motel

Has anyone stayed at this place in Morgan City? And, if so, what are your opinions of it? I’m looking at being in Morgan City for the better part of two weeks in Febuary and didn’t want to spend a fortune. On the other hand, I don’t want to fight rats, roaches and bedbugs either!


Stayed there a few times in April/May last year.
At that time the rooms were decent. Old but clean.
And the motel was installing wifi.

Probably the best deal in town.

Thanks MOW. I’m going to give it a try. Everything else down there is pretty expensive.

I’ll be happy if no critters are sharing the room with me. All I need is a fairly clean room with no bite marks in the morning and no predators waiting outside the room!

I appreciate the reply.


heres a tip, check out the er “dance venues” right over the bridge. i dont remember the name but i know there were two right alongside each other and it was right after a bridge on the right side.

i was at a holiday inn, i would recommend as they had clean rooms, good service, good food, and a pretty cool bar with karaoke.

Thanks Argo. I like “dance venues”…but I’m trying to SAVE money, not spend it!:wink:


Capt Nemo, when are you planning to do this? I ask this because I am going back down next week and have a room booked at the new Howard Johnsons in Houma…It has 2 beds and was very nice compared to others that I have seen…I’ld split the cost with you if you are intererested…It’s 40 + miles from Morgan City though…

Thanks for the offer Shell,

I’ll be down there the second and third weeks of February. And at forty miles twice a day, I’d burn up the savings in diesel fuel!

Thanks anyway,


[quote=Capt. Nemo;7407]Thanks Argo. I like “dance venues”…but I’m trying to SAVE money, not spend it!:wink:


If they are like the dance venues in Houma, quarters and dimes litter the stage. Of course, one gets what one pays for.

lucky for me i didnt see any, but for sure there have been some teeth littering the stage as well lol

I checked out the place two weeks ago. Price was attractive, but no non-smoking rooms (important to some). I looked at a room, which had chewing gum that had not been cleaned out of the carpet, and passed. Ended up at the Holiday Inn a couple of morel blocks S, and about 1/2 block off the main drag. $25 more per night, but worth it.

There is also the Morgan City Motel, just slightly higher than the Twin City Motel. Don’t have any other info on it. Do a google for the tel number.

[quote=Capt. Nemo;7411]Thanks for the offer Shell,

I’ll be down there the second and third weeks of February. And at forty miles twice a day, I’d burn up the savings in diesel fuel!

Thanks anyway,


I completely understand…Good luck over there…

I think what makes Twin City Motel such a bargain is the low quality of other hotels. They have built two new hotels though, so things may have changed. Twin City is better than Plantation and on par with the the Days Inn. The Holiday Inn in MCY is a crap box for three times the price of Twin City.

It’s a good deal, the people are nice, helpful, it’s old and sad, but clean.

Good luck.


Thanks for the info, Fourdegreesc. I spent a week at the Plantation. If it’s as good or better, then the Twin City will be just fine. Like I said before: It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just plain clean is OK. I’ve slept thousands of nights on big stinking pogy boats, sometimes still wearing oilskins and boots. It’s pretty hard to complain about accomodations after that!

Ever stayed at the “Downtowner” in Lake Charles or the “Port” in Port O’Connor?

I’ll send a report from there when able.


Is the “Downtowner” still open in Lake Charles? I don’t get out there much anymore, but if I recall, it was combined with the old Hilton and both renamed as an adjunct to the floating casinos (that are closed now, I believe).

I don’t know if the Downtowner is still open or not. It’s been many years since I was unfortunate enough to have to stay there. At it’s zenith, though, it was a shithole.


Stayed thier back in o6,was decent prices then.but if you tell them you going to school at youngs memorial,they will give you a discount,also the restarant next door will to if they still doing it.but as staying thier it was ok,quiet to.

Try to look for rental spots in Stephensville (Morgan City). I remember they used to have house boats, campers, and regular homes on pillars for renting out (known for a summer get-a-ways mostly), but a guy I knew that worked in maritime found a spot out there. The landlord really didn’t ask for much payment, if any, because he helped out with the maintenance of it all.
Good Luck!

:rolleyes: It has been awhile since I have stayed any where in MC. But I do remember that Everywhere I stayed was a dump! You get what you pay for unless your in MC. To quote an old Captain of mine “Ive been around the world and never been a place with less class then MC.” But if your talking about the 2 clubs on the other side of the bridge ( Amelia side) I had a special with the Texas Tornado about 8 years back.:eek:

I think “class” takes on a whole new meaning on the bayou. It ain’t just Morgan City and it ain’t just Louisiana. Try south Mississippi or Alabama…or the Texas Gulf Coast for that matter.

But, truthfully, there is no place like that stretch of land (if you can call it that) between Cameron and Empire. It’s a whole 'nuther country!


Capt. Nemo - Let us know how you did with the Twin City Motel. A few of us need to rent rooms from time to time in S LA.