Live from Morgan City

This comes to you direct from the “Twin City” motel in beautiful downtown Morgan City. Obviously, as I’m posting from my room, they DO have wireless internet. Here’s the rest of the story:

The neighborhood is good. Lots of restaurants and stuff.
The folks at the front desk are as nice as can be.
The room is large, sparsly furnished, clean and dark. It’s like a dungeon in here! But as far as I can tell, I’m the sole occupant. No critters…yet.
Comfortable king-sized bed and good pillows.
The walls are built out of tissue paper and spit. I could tell what the old boy in the next room was THINKING last night. Hopefully he’s gone tonight!

All-in-all, for $55.00 a night and the proximity to Young Memorial, it’s OK. It’s damned sure a better value than the “Plantation” over in Berwick at $75.00 a night and a 10 or 15 minute minute ride twice a day.

Overall, so far, I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

Oh, and some other…how shall I say…interesting tenants. Ya gotta love it.

Reporting from the Bayou,


If you have a car and can do the 10mile drive back towards Houma, there is a Best Western at the first Houma exit (Gray is what it’s called there) which is VERY nice and I got a 3-4 star room for $85. If you can spring the extra $30/night it is really worth it to stay there.

Thanks CC,

This place fills the bill. If I had the little woman with me I’d probably look for your Best Western. It sounds like a deal but this week it’s just me and I’m not high rent!

For going to school at LTC Young this place is pretty good.

This is like old home week for me. I’m seeing some old friends and (almost) family that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Anyway, the “Twin City” motel will suffice for all but the most discriminating tenants.


Thanks for the report, Capt. Nemo. I rotated out last Tuesday, and ended up at the Days Inn in Metairie for $54, internet rate. And that motel is close to some great oyster bars, as well as the airport.

How was Young Memorial?

Many thanks

Thanks for the info Nemo! Young Memorial has by far the best prices I’ve seen. I’m hoping to do my PSC and RFPNW down there. If only their website would show the the cost for RFPNW :frowning:

Guess I’ll call them…

Young Memorial is a blast. The facility itself is what you would expect in south Louisiana…old and kind of run down. But the instructors are very good…experienced and knowledgable.

You couldn’t ask for better.


I stayed there during some of my Katrina surveys. It was the closest place I could get a room to Venice. Quite a commute every day, but it couldn’t be helped. Decent hotel. I even got stuck in the bridal suite for one of the nights (last room available). Free bottle of champaign and a hot tub. No desk, though. That made getting work done a little difficult, but I managed.

Hi Nemo,

I plan to attend Young Memorial in March for my STCW 95, AB and Lifeboatman classes. Can you suggest a rv park or campground in the area? I have access to a pop-up camper and I have found rates around 350 a month which isn’t bad considering I will be there for 19 days.


$300 to $400 a month is about the going rate as far as I can tell. I’ll ask around the school tomorrow. Maybe somebody will know of a better deal. When I was here in October RV hookups were going for $1,000 a month…if you could find one!

You’ll enjoy the classes. Good instructors and a great staff. And friendly folks. But it IS south Louisiana. Stir up de gumbo and make bake de yam. I’ll be done here this time in five or four days.

And all of the bugs (crawfish) I’ve seen are really small so far. It’s gonna be another month before they’re worth peeling. The boudin, however, is superb.

From Morgan City,


This clock projects the time, date, or temp on the wall or ceiling some people call
it a ceiling clock but I call it a digital projection clock. I got the black one because at the time that was the only color
they had. But now they have them in black and also in white.

One more post from beautiful downtown Morgan City. This place makes the grade as far as livable accomodations go. It’s clean, the staff is exceptional, the front office folks are nice and it’s secure.

The little restaurant next door serves a good breakfast at a fair price and it’s five minutes from Young Memorial…unless you catch a train coming through on Railroad Drive. Then it might take ten minutes.

Don’t expect the Ritz-Carlton, but it’s as good or better than any boat I’ve been on. I’ll be spending several more weeks here over the next six months.