Cheapest Lifeboatman class near Houston/New Orleans?


I will be flying to Houston soon to pick up my TWIC and am wondering if anyone knows of an affordable place to get libeboatman training (I need it for my AB) New Orleans area my work as well asI’ll likely be making a side-trip to apply at few places.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Delgado Community College in New Orleans has STCW classes. Their webste is I took the radar class there a few years ago and it was not expensive.

<h1>Louisiana Technical College-Young Memorial Campus</h1>
<div class="group-one]
<div class="item address]900 Youngs Road

Morgan City, LA 70380

<span class="phone]Phone: <span class="phone](985) 380-2436</span></span></div>

Did you check Houston Marine Training. It is very close to Hobby Airport. They also are in NOLA. if not see above.

Thanks everyone! While all had good training- only Louisiana Technical College had lifeboatman.

And It’s $94!!! holy moley!

i’ve seen it for 10 times that much!

Thanks so much!

LTC = Young Memorial. I think that will be the most economical route for PSC. Young is a good school for LA. I have taken several classes there. Houston Marine (Alford Safety Services) - Have reserved thoughts on that training facility. Good luck Ordinaryseaman…

Young Memorial is the most cost effective, but as it is the oilfield hotel rooms are at a premium. You might want to check on that before you go. I normally stay at Twin Cities Motel, nothing fancy but clean safe and cheap.

A couple of options for staying in (beautiful!) Morgan City:

Young Memorial now has a special rate at the Comfort Inn for $49 per night, plus 12% tax. This matches Twin City, and is (a heck of a) number of ratings above the TC Motel! Like so many other things in Louisiana, this info is not readily available unless you stumble across it yourself…

Another option when taking classes at Young Memorial is Vista Lodge Motel, just W of Morgan City. Several people report staying there for a week for $100, or $20 per night. Apparently they have an apartment that will also sleep 3 for about $125 each or so a week per person. 985-395-2785.

Good luck!

sea school in mobile alabama 4 hours from cut off la, offers food and housing, not the best but it is included

worth mentioning…check out L. E. Fletcher Technical College / LaMPI in Houma, La…they have a marine department and offer a number courses…not sure about “lifeboat”…have used them on ocassion when scheduling dictated.

[quote=Capt. Lee;6993][B]Louisiana Technical College-Young Memorial Campus[/B]

Morgan City, LA 70380


I’ve got to second that. Capts. Bryan Rice, Carl Moore and Eric Boudreaux teach great courses and the cost is unbeatable.

Stay at the Twin City while you’re there. It’s not fancy, but it’s clean and secure and convenient, and the folks that run it are nice.

Bayou Boeuf for the lifeboat training was fun. And a damned hot shed and pool for survival craft wasn’t. Drink lots of water during the pool training. I just about gave out from dehydration after about four hours in that sauna before Bryan said “there’s a cooler full of water over there if anybody wants a drink”!

I’ll never forget the look he gave my when I exited that 120 degree liferaft and asked “are you OK?” My answer was “hell no I’m not OK!” Of course, I was twice the age of all but one of the other trainees. Being old, overweight and out of shape isn’t the way to go in. I’ll be lighter and in better shape the next time, but I won’t be any younger.

Great course, great facility and superb instructors. There’s no better value for the money than LTC Young Memorial.


Fletcher in Houma is actually cheaper but sometimes harder to get into the class.