Tug News

Damen is continuously trying to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to developing new and innovative tug designs:

Gotta love some north European tugs!!
They’ve had it right for decades and anything running voiths is just a pleasure to have work your ship.

No Voiths here. Roll-Royce thrusters:

The only Voiths currently in the Damen portfolio are the RAVE Carousel tugs which have a fore and aft configuration -check out Multratug 32 and 33.

Should have said in their TUG portfolio… SanMar and other Turkish yards do a RAStar 3000, these are high speed engined Voiths with gearbox’s and clutches as opposed to medium speed with a viscous coupling…

Some more Daman tugs that has just been presented:

More Tug News. This time about remote operation of a harbour tug in R’dam from Marseilles:

Nice little shallow draft tug built by Sanmar:

Another innovative tug design. This time tug GIANO, designed by Purple Water Ltd., Geneva/London:

Watch her “dance” in the embedded video.

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Tug Training & Consultancy has obtained ISO 9100:2015 certification:

Link to TTC:

New edition of Good Practise Guidelines for tugs and towage has been issued by NWA:

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Third edition of “Tug Use in Port” by Capt. Henk Hensen, known as the “Tug Bible”, is now available with significant updates to cover the latest designs and best practises of harbour tugs and towing:

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Is the Carousel tug the ultimate in harbour and escort tug design??:

See it at work:

Tugs as they used to be:

Two new harbour tugs for the US market:

As long as ships break down, run aground, or catch fire there will be a need for Emergency tugs to be stationed around the world.
Here is a collection of what have happened lately:

New technology to impact tug operations in 2019:

Last year’s technology for tugs; detachable ice breaking bow:

Boskalis quits SAAM Smit Towage: