New Propulsion system

Your (objective) opinion please.

Before everyone gets to say it, based on the video emberred in the article it appears that the movement of the blades is distinctively different from that of Voith Schneider: each blade does a full rotation about its own vertical axis as the main assembly rotates, keeping its leading edge roughly towards the direction of motion. You can clearly see it at about 5:22 in the video.


I’ve never worked on a VSP powered vessel and I’m certainly no engineer, but this looks like less steps, aren’t VSP mechanically linked to controls?

A bunch of individually controlled motors that allow for a full range in motion has to be easier to maintain than this contraption.

I’m sure they’re smart folks who have done the math, but It looks like there would be a weird perpendicular force or a torque force of some sort on the fore and aft edges of the system, while the VSP is generating lift all the way around. Could just be the graphic and my simple brain overthinking things though.

I don’t really care and will probably never work on one, I just thought it was funny :man_shrugging:

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Wonder what happens when you smack a submerged container with one of those ?

Looks more frail than a regular prop.

It breaks and you limp or get towed to a shipyard in the traditional fashion.

sure to be a boon to the tow industry. I doubt there is anything we can do to that gearbox underway either. a lot of moving parts!

I dont like it but i never really do like change, if im correct this is designed for dynamic positioning?