VSP Masters

Dear All,

I do hope to find crew for our vessels. We are Dee Marine UK Ltd and we are looking for qualified Senior Officers for our A.H.T.S / DSV / PSV vessels (open for all nationalities). As of this moment our immediate requirements are for VSP Tug Masters working in Saudi Arabia.

I have tried various Recruitment sites for VSP Tug Masters but they are hard to find.

Does anyone on here know where I can look or know of any VSP Tug Masters looking for a position just now.


What is VSP short for?

Voith Schneider Propulsion. Used mainly on tractor tugs I think. Anyone got more info?

Thank you, I understand Four blades go down perpendicular always rotating and you can go any directions…

Hi. I’ve been working in harbour tugs for about 4 years in ASD and VSP tugs. I have my national Colombian STCW COC II/2.1 capable to work as a Tugmaster up to 500 gt. Wish to work overseas. TnkU.

They saved that job just for you.


Yup… they’ve been waiting 8 years just for you!

Just reminds me of those people who spam Linkedin with requests for jobs. Is it phishing or are they really that desperate?

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Or comment on a LinkedIn job posting with “interested” when it clearly says to apply through their website.