Tug Master certificate

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I was wondering if in U.S or other part of the world you have a special training to be a tug master?
1.Non STCW certificate
2.STCW certificate
3.Any other special training

U.K put in place a Voluntery Towage Endorsement in order to allow tug master to have their competence in towage independently assessed and recognized. Based on a training record book. Do you experience this kind of system in other countries?

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The US has the mandatory TOAR (Towing Officer Assessment Record) and minimum tugboat seatime requirements. There is also an Apprentice mate process for tugs.

Canada has tugboat specific lower level licenses and Canadian schools provide training for that.

Thank you. I for this information. I really appreciate.

I have a question.
Are those assessment, endorsement needed to work on harbor assisting tug?

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In Brazil there’s no towing license. All you need is a Brazilian coastal 500 ton license known in Portuguese as: Mestre de Cabotagem plus a CoC.

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