Master of Towing

I have just been issued a 1600ton master NC.

Can I request a “Master of towing endorsement” sticker for my booklet?

I have been working on a tugboat for years as an AB, while holding a 200ton master. I have a completed TOAR. Can the 90 days “training and observation” cited below in the CFR’s be obtained while working as an AB?

I want to get off the deck and back into the wheelhouse!

Reading the CFR’s I am confused…
[B] [/B]Table 11.464(b)—Requirements for Endorsement as Master of Towing Vessels
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  [CENTER][B]Route endorsed[/B][/CENTER]   
  [CENTER][B]Total service[SUP]1[/SUP][/B][/CENTER]   

as limited
apprentice mate (steersman)[/B][/CENTER]
approved course[/B][/CENTER]
particular route[/B][/CENTER]



  18 of 48

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  3 of 18.

[SUP]1[/SUP]Service is in months.
[SUP]2[/SUP]TOS is time of service.
© If you hold a license or MMC endorsement as mate (pilot) of towing vessels, you may have master of towing vessels (limited) added to your MMC for a limited local area within the scope of your current route.
(d) Before you serve as master of towing vessels on the Western Rivers, you must possess 90 days of observation and training and have your MMC include an endorsement for Western Rivers.
(e) Each company must maintain evidence that every vessel it operates is under the direction and control of a mariner with the appropriate endorsement and experience, including 30 days of observation and training on the intended route other than Western Rivers.
B If you hold a license or MMC endorsement as a master of steam or motor vessels of greater than 200 gross register tons, you may operate towing vessels within any restrictions on your endorsement if you:[/B]
B Have a minimum of 30 days of training and observation on towing vessels for the route being assessed, except as noted in paragraph (e) of this section; and[/B]
B Either—[/B]
B Hold a completed Towing Officer’s Assessment Record (TOAR) described in §11.304(h) that shows evidence of assessment of practical demonstration of skills; or[/B]
Thanks all,

I think the key word being think that if you have 90 days and a completed TOAR you can get your master of towing.

90 days? You meant 30 days training and observation while holding license?

90 days for western rivers.
30 days for nc/ocean.

I guess it is 30. It was right up there for me to read.