200t Master NC, Mate of Towing & Master of Towing (Limited)

I am submitting my papers to the NMC to upgrade to 200t master NC and Mate (pilot) of towing vessels. I have a completed NC TOAR and 30 days training and observation on a towing vessel. I am trying to find out more information on master of towing (limited)?


It reads;

Mariners holding an endorsement as Mate (Pilot), may have Master of Towing Vessels (limited) added to their MMC for a limited local area within the scope of their current route.

Can anyone give me insight to the MOTV Limited endorsement?

I am aware that I can wait and submit 540 8 hr days or 360 12 hr days in the capacity as mate of towing vessels to upgrade to MOTV or that if I increase my tonnage license to 500t master or mate I’ll get MOTV off the bat. I’m trying to avoid the 500t upgrade and the requirements that go along with that.

Thanks for the help!

Limited towing endorsements are for specifically defined geographic areas approved by the Coast Guard for the endorsement. Generally, they are on western rivers or inland waters, I am not aware of any approved for a near coastal area.

James D. Cavo
U.S. Coast Guard
Mariner Credentialing Program
Policy Division (CG-MMC-2)

Cavo, thanks for your reply. I appreciate your input. My business is on the St. Lawrence River & Lake Ontario, my NC license is primarily due to the NMC accepting GL time in lue for NC. What would my best option be with applying for a MOTV limited endorsement? I would like to be able to move my own barges on the St. Lawrence River and a section of Lake Ontario.

If you’re only getting the domestic license and not the STCW portion what’s so difficult with getting the Master 500 ton NC? It’s just a slightly harder test…

If you refuse to go for a 500 ton NC then why not get a Master 500 ton great lakes / inland? You’ll automatically get a Master of towing inland out of that.