TOAR on ship assist tugs

Is it possible to sign of a TOAR and receive a Mate of Towing endorsement on a ship assist harbor tug if no barge work or actual towing is done? If so is there such thing as a limited towing endorsement specific to ship assist?

See Enclosure (7) to NVIC 03-16.

Just as it’s easier, simpler, faster, and ultimately cheaper to use a license consultant to deal with the NMC, instead of doing yourself for “free.”

It is also easier, simpler, faster, and ultimately cheaper to take a one day TOAR simulator course, that to do a TOAR onboard a tug that you are working on for “free.”

There is a reason why tug companies with a fleet of tugs send their employees to TOAR simulator courses. They do it because it is faster, cheaper, and easier to manage.

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Appreciate the info!

To answer your question, yes. Master of towing here, did my TOAR on harbor tugs.