"TUG" HERE T-shirts/hoodies

There was some discussion in another thread about a mate or a captain for McAllister in philly who sometimes wears a t-shirt that says “TUG” with an arrow pointing downwards towards a sensitive area. The idea seemed popular but I thought it would be better to continue the discussion in a separate thread. Catherder found a similar looking thing on “Zazzle”:

The word “TUG” is almost disappointingly small. The one I remember is more like the symbol on the side of this ship on the left side of the picture:

Maybe I’m just being picky but I want the real thing! Anyone got any ideas? By the way, does anyone know this guy from philly?

**sigh. I know what you mean. :wink:

[QUOTE=catherder;136253]**sigh. I know what you mean. ;)[/QUOTE]

You dirty ol’ buzzard…

you should be able to make your own any size lettering on customink.com for cheap

I don’t think the proportions are that out of spec! Nice concept may have to get one for myself

Yes indeed.