New Tug?

Word is CMA maybe getting a new tractor tug. i was told its a z drive and is kinda cute its only 25 feet. Current name is BRAtt “Burchett Robert Allan training tug” its currently up in BC. ill update as we learn more.

yep, that’s true, CMA may get it… you can see it at the link below.

That’s an expensive toy, good thing they have someone to teach them how to drive it oh wait…makes perfect sense now.

Nice looking little tugboat. It’s a shame, though, that its not American built.

[QUOTE=cali deckie;86105]…its only 25 feet. [/QUOTE]

Then it’s not a “towing vessel” as they are at least 26’ in length. That may have some impact on whether time and assessment on it can be credited towards a license as mate of towing vessels.

If a yacht club can use it as a launch, then you shouldn’t be able to get any TOAR assessments completed on it. Call me an asshole.

I am sure they will keep the old YTL for that.

And these kids still won’t know how to work deck.

[QUOTE=dredgeboater;86181]I am sure they will keep the old YTL for that.[/QUOTE]
I already asked if we were going to keep all the other boats and was told yes. we currently have a spot where the big sailboat can dock but since the keep it at the marina I’m guessing that we will put it right there. Remember we still haven’t bought it but i was told we have people heading up there soon to look at it.

Not just from taking the tug and barge class. I worked at 4 different local tug companies while I was going to school. I would recommend the same thing to any current cadets if they want to have more rounded experience.