One bad apple

Greetings All,
Take a look at this article:

These folks make us all look bad…

Didja see “Seattle, WA” on the stern? That made me laugh. Looks like that trash pump has seen some use too.

Not to defend the actions of the tug and her owner but Why TF was that fish house allowed to be built way out into the navigation channel? While the condition of the tug is bad that bait house is nothing more than a heap of scrap lumber and an eyesore and as already stated a navigational hazard, IMHO…:mad:

I’ve taken screenshots of both the sattelite images and charts for Newport. The market isn’t really in the way. You can’t tell but it doesn’t extend any further than the bridge piers into the channels.

It’s got no business there, the civic leaders in this locality need to mind their zoning. I’ve worked tugs in Hawaii and comercial fishing in Florida; in both places there were lots of channels that had too much of this type of encroachment. There are lots of dymanic forces that act upon a tug and her barge, things are not always straight and normal.
Or we could just make the argument that the bait shack shouln’t be there for it’s own safety in the event an errant tugboat crashs into it.

On second look, there are plenty more structures that should have never been constructed out into that channel. There are too many docks because there is also too many little boats…

Newport harbor is almost exclusively a yacht harbor. The dredges are just working to keep the channel clear for the yachties. I don’t know the size of the barge but when they were dredging Dana Point a couple miles south was pretty big. If they use the same one (not sure if it’s the same company) or one of similar size it will have difficulty making it’s way through that channel.

Up keep on the boat is ultimately the Captains job. If touching the bridge goes unreported how can we trust what he says about just how lightly he landed. If he was operating without the proper license is it any wonder that there were problems with his ability.
I say shame on these guys (the company, and the captain) for trying to get that dollar with out minding safety, not to mention the broken laws.

well, although it appears the industry has gotten another black eye, I feel this only serves to help us keep our pay level up in these times of economic hardship.

The sooner these idiots stop hiring cousin Bubba and Jethro with no licenses and hire licensed operators the better off we will all be.