Eurka, ca?

I’m a tug captian from lousiana (born and raised in cali) and I’m want to work in eurka ca. Its a small harbor but there is a good amount of ship and tug traffic trough there. Has any worked or knows anything about this area?

There was virtually no ship traffic (1 or 2 per month) when I worked there in 2008 and I don’t think it has improved much. Tug and barge traffic was really slow as well. I recall only 3 tug/barge combinations in and out of Humboldt Bay in a month. I don’t think there is much if any harbor work for tug operators there (other than assisting the little bit of traffic).

Brusco is the only ones I know of that frequent Eureka. Maybe sause bros.

Sause was towing fuel barges in there in 08.

Brusco has an office in
Eureka, CA (707) 498-4618

Wicked currents on the ebb tide in Humbolt Bay, short duration of slack water too. Had to change my underpants after getting set down on a barge as I pulled off of the dock and bow thruster went tits up. Luckily was able to save it by backing hard to stop the set and then hard left Becker rudder with quick shots ahead brought the pointy end around.

Can’t be as bad as the currents out of venice la. They got a lil bit of everything out there. Thanx for all the info.

The currents are worse. In Venice, la the current goes one direction. When the river is high the current is a little faster, but still going the same direction. Throw in the crazy locals and some fog then it gets interesting.

Ya but once ur in the jump the current is allover the place and the eddies arouned the docks are enough to turn bardges around, and yes the worst part os the shrimpers and sports who don’t belive in rules of the road or radios and the coast gaurd don’t care

Sause still takes oil there on a regular basis…but as far as ship traffic I don’t think it could be more then two ships a month