Any of y'all see this?


Barge takes out a chunk of Biloxi’s Popp’s Ferry bridge – WOWZA.

This is the city where I live, this just happened Friday morning…this bridge is CRAZY busy all the time, HOW nobody was on it when this happened is absolutely amazing.

How do you guys think this happened? I can’t judge or speculate because I don’t know jack about navigating the waters in a tugboat, especially pushing 8 friggin barges. I just think all I can say about the whole thing is WOW.


Thanks for finding this video coverage. I’ve seen the pictures but no video until now. Could have been the steering went out or possibly some physical/medical problem with the captain. I too am glad no one was hurt.


This is why I prefer Blue Water!


I was in Mobile when this happened and heard all the fuss on the radio. Those barges are 197 feet long and 35 feet wide each. An “eight pack” is 788’ X 70’ that plus the length of the boat makes @ 850’ of overall length. Six barge tows are common through there but with that extra length you have to go through the bend above the bridge EXACTLY right or be going slow enough that you can recover from “missing the bend”. In order to line up for the bridge. The event will likely prove to be pilot error.:frowning: