Newbie request for TUG BOAT Badges/Pins

;)Hello to all my fellow members & a Very Happy New Year! from Norway.
Snow was a bit late this year,buy oh my it as come now!:cool:

I am new to the site and forum,and am so pleased I found it.I can not say that I am connected in anyway with the maritime industry other than many years ago I served in the Royal Navy as an Aircraft Handler!

Whilst I may live in Norway (15 years) married a Viking! i am by Birth English nearly 60 years old.

I have lifelong interest in maritime issues,my father was also in the UK Fleet Air Arm and I followed him in to the service!

I am still hoping after years of wishing to have built a First class TugBoat,afraid my abilities are strictly limited due to incapacity,so will be buying a custom built model hopefully.

Their is one thing I can do and have done for many years and that is collect [B]Military+Railroad[/B] [U][B][I][SIZE=4]
Badges & Pins ,Stickers,Patches e.t.c.(Tug Boats)[/I]
I did start a very nice collection of Tugboat pins from the [B]U[/B][B]S[/B][B]A[/B] together with some patches
and what did i do, I went and lost them! regretfully.:mad: not only would I dearly love to rediscover the badges I lost, but I would very much like to add to them and display them in my new hobby room which my dear wife and her family are preparing for me;)

I am very unsure if its at all possible to attach pics from my PC so I can show the missing pins?

help appreciated

Any help with Tug-pins/stickers e.t.c. just let me know and price wanted

Very Best wishes Steve:D