US Navy's Baby Tugboat

Since my post earlier got flagged as OT I started a new thread.
(Then is cannot possibly be OT, can it ??)
Kind of “cute” this “Baby Tug” me think:

Not suitable for FiFi though.

“2 to 5 crewmembers.” :roll_eyes:

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Been around Boomin Beavers, but wasn’t related to miniature tugboats.


It’s the Navy, they need 5 crew. 3 officer/supervisors, 1 sailor who does all the work & 1 trainee.

Except on weekends, half day Friday’s, half day Monday’s, after 5pm & all holidays when it’s just the enlistee & trainee on board.


Way back when ,I was a tankerman loading jp5 onto the newly built Nimitz aircraft carrier . I was the only one on the barge, with a hand powered block and tackle arm to lift the 6 to 8 inch hose. There were appx 5 people at the manifold on the Nimitz. 1 boss, two more to boss the two other poor bastards that actually hooked my shit up. My early introduction to military/civil service efficiencies in my late teens. And the inspector that looked at the barge that gave me shit about not wearing a shirt and a decent haircut in the middle of August. So that would make 6 guys for a 10 thousand barrel move, not including myself. Can only imagine what it takes now.

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Oh, whatever do you mean. . . . uh, never mind. . . .

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That sounds about right for the navy.

How the hell can 5 people fit into that wheelhouse?

Not all in the wheelhouse. 1 in the Engine Room and 3 deck crew??
(1 Supervisor, 1 Trainee and 1 standing by)

There’s not enough room. I think it’s more like the crew ratio assigned to a navy Blackhawk; 1 pilot and 4 ground crew. For the baby tug, based on the navy’s driving record, 1 man in the wheelhouse and 4 damage control repair persons standing by on the beach to repair collision and/or transmission damage.


Do you think that baby tug has a Chief Mate, Captain and helmsman?

The captain gives a helm order to the Chief Mate who gives it to the helmsman even though they three of them are squeezed in the tiny wheelhouse together.

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I never seen a boat without a coffee pot. 1 on them has to be a steward to prepare the coffee.


That would be the mutipurpose deckhand / engineer/ chief cook and bottlewasher. That a decent Captain would give a ride home everyday because the other bro’s that didn’t do shit and had the pay to afford a car. It comes back to haunt the players, in ways they never thought of. The multipurpose guy went way further in their career than the dogs who sought an easier way out.