Has anyone else had problems with their TWIC card for Precheck?

The number on the TWIC card has fewer digits than on a regular Pre-Check card (Inept government buffoons).

Some travel agency and airline software won’t accept the TWIC card number because it doesn’t have enough digits.

Sometimes it will be accepted if a 0 is added at the beginning or end of the Twic card number to give it the right number of digits. Other times, it just won’t work at all.

Does anyone has info about this?

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No. All my airline frequent flyer accounts took it with no issues and when I’ve had to give it to an agent at the check in counter there’s also never been an issue.

The number on the back of my Twic card (lower left corner) has 8 digits.

Does your have more?

I just flew on one airline with no problem , but had trouble with my connecting flight.

No, mine also has 8.

I just used that number last week and had no issues

This is only a problem for me if someone else is booking your flight. Give the number on your TWIC to whoever is booking your flight and tell them to enter it as a KTN when they book the flight. Otherwise this problem will come up.

Easy fix is to call the airline if it’s already done.

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Wife & I have used ours with both Southwest and Avelo with zero problems - though we book directly with the airline, not thru an agent.

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I’ve had counter agents say “it’s too short to be a KTN” and once they entered it anyway at my request it goes through with no problem. Just have to be a little stubborn and tell them to just try it if they give you any grief.

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I’ve had them say my DoD ID number is too long to be a KTN…

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I cannot book online with Delta because the number is too short. I have time to go to the counter, I can get it fixed, but that is a pain in the rectum.

Can government contractors use their PIVs for TSA? Especially ones with TS and TSCI?

Probably not, unless (maybe) it is a “CAC” (Common Access Card) and has a DoD ID number.

I couldn’t use it last year at the ticket counter because the agent refused to enter the number. She had never heard of it and just plain refused! Since then, I have used it without problem.

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Unless you’re a “CIV” on your card, then no. Contractor CACs won’t work for that.

Haven’t ever had a problem with it, been using KTN from TWIC since they approved it. Probably done a dozen or two flights.

Trying to use a TWIC at the security checkpoint? That’s a different story. It’s always hilarious to show them that it’s issued by DHS/TSA when they state they don’t know what it is though.

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TSA knows what Twic is, but their scanners will not scan it, and they ask for other ID.

The scanners don’t like the MMC either, it does not scan well for them. Occasionally, but usually they ask for a different ID.

The passport is well accepted. Occasionally it won’t scan, but they never ask for a different ID.


Right, but the MMC isn’t on their list of approved IDs. The TWIC is.

What is their list of approved IDs?


The MMC is an approved form of I.D. (That does not mean that TSA agents know this!)


Yup. I had a TSA agent ask me for another ID. He knew what a TWIC was, but the scanner didn’t.

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