Well nevermind then! I might have to try that one day just to fuck with them.

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I am old enough to remember when my Z card could be used instead of a passport. Hell, I even had to when I got injured on a ship in the English Channel and had to fly back to the US from the UK. No passport, Z card only. Okay, it was a decade or two or three or more ago. . . .


How is this because of “inept government buffoons”?

Because the inept government buffoons did not provide IDs that include pre-check with known traveler numbers with a consistent number digits, or provide the Airline’s and travel agents with info that the government
has issued IDs for precheck known traveler numbers with an inconsistent number of digits.

When the government issues IDs (that cost over $100 each) that include pre-check , they must work as expected, and they must scan in the TSA scanners.

Government functionaries that fail to accomplish these simple tasks to make the IDs work properly are inept buffoons.

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I don’t know, my wife uses her TWIC number all the time to fly and never has a problem.

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You have absolutely zero knowledge about what the government provided the airlines and travel agents. The reason precheck numbers don’t align is because there are a wide-variety of IDs that are acceptable. For example, I use my Government Issued common access card for precheck. I could use my TWIC if I wanted to. Or I could use my passport or compliant state driver’s license if I wanted to enroll in precheck that way. This is not a government issue, this is a airline/travel agent programming issue. It is pretty easy to program a box to accept a range of digits. Pure laziness on whoever designed website.

No you couldn’t use those ID numbers as Known Traveler Numbers, no matter how you enrolled in PreCheck.

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According to the following Reddit thread, putting “GE” in front of your TWIC CIN solves the problem.


I believe GE stands for “Global Entry,” but not absolutely sure.

I found out today why I couldn’t get my TWIC number to be taken as my Known Travel Number. I didn’t update my address and booked my ticket without using my middle name. I should be good to go now.