TWIC to TSA pre-check now available

Rumor has it that TSA opened up the pre-check program to TWIC holders. Anyone used it yet this way?

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Not seeing anything officially announced or mentioned on the TSA’s press releases or bulletin ~ would be pretty nice if it’s true.

On TSA PreCheck™ for TWIC® holders, many TWIC® cardholders meet the criteria for the TSA PreCheck Application Program and may be eligible for expedited screening. I am pleased to announce that this new offering is available now for TWIC® holders with certain conditions.

Who is eligible?

  • In addition to having a valid Security Threat Assessment, the TWIC® holder must:
    • Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. lawful permanent resident, or U.S. national
    • Be approved for a TWIC® outside TSA’s waiver process
    • Not be under investigation as a result of TSA’s recurrent vetting
    • Use an active TWIC® Credential Identification Number (CIN) that has not been canceled or reported lost, stolen, or damaged.

How to participate?

TWIC® holders must include the eight-digit CIN printed on their TWIC® card in the known traveler number (KTN) field of airline reservations made with a participating airline or in an airline profile. The TWIC® CIN is printed on the back lower left-hand corner of the TWIC® card. The CIN is also printed on the lower left-hand corner of the card mailing that you receive with your TWIC® card. There is no additional cost to add TSA PreCheck eligibility, and active TWIC® holders will not receive a KTN from TSA.

If stakeholders or you have additional questions, please reach out to For information on TSA PreCheck, please visit


Do you know when this was released? I tried this in the past and it didn’t work.

I got email from my employer a few days ago so I think it was released in the last couple weeks.

I got this in my email 10ish days ago from the MEBA patrollman. Havent tried it yet.